This directory contains MontanaLinux.

What is MontanaLinux?
MontanaLinux is a remix of Fedora and is an installable, LiveDVD image.

All iso images are under 2GB and should fit on a 2GB LiveUSB just fine (or maybe not).

Also in this directory are the GPG and md5sum files used for verifying the authenticity of the builds by me.
How do these remixes differ from the distro releases they are based on?
MontanaLinux has all of the updates that were available on the build date and includes all of the desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, etc) and managers with KDE being the default. Also installed are a number of desktop applications (LibreOffice, GIMP, Inscape, Scribus, Dia, etc) as well as third-party stuff from rpmfusion (vlc, mplayer, etc) and the Adobe flash-plugin.
Not happy with the package selection, remix your own!
You can find the kickstart configs used to build these remixes inside the config directory.

Everything needed to build your own remix is included. Just look in:

There you will find the configs and branding artwork I used. Feel free to modify them as desired and build your own. Be sure to change the repositories used to either your own local mirror or the official mirrors.

The makeiso file contains the commandline used to generate the iso. Make sure to edit makeiso so your iso filename comes out as desired.

   That would be a 32-bit remix based on Fedora 16. It is the 60th rebuild.
   Rebuilds are done periodically as updates are released.

Scott Dowdle
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[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-full-x86_64.iso2018-01-06 16:45 1.2G
[TXT]MontanaCL-7-252-full-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-06 16:45 198
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-full-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-06 16:45 66
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-mate-x86_64.iso2018-01-07 16:48 1.2G
[TXT]MontanaCL-7-252-mate-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-07 16:48 198
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-mate-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-07 16:48 66
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-min-x86_64.iso2018-01-06 16:45 647M
[TXT]MontanaCL-7-252-min-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-06 16:45 198
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-min-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-06 16:45 65
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-virt-x86_64.iso2018-01-06 16:45 1.3G
[TXT]MontanaCL-7-252-virt-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-06 16:45 198
[   ]MontanaCL-7-252-virt-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-06 16:45 66
[   ]MontanaLinux-F26-160-x86_64.iso2018-01-05 21:36 3.3G
[TXT]MontanaLinux-F26-160-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-05 21:36 198
[   ]MontanaLinux-F26-160-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-05 21:36 66
[   ]MontanaLinux-F27-132-x86_64.iso2018-01-12 17:07 3.3G
[TXT]MontanaLinux-F27-132-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-12 17:07 198
[   ]MontanaLinux-F27-132-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-12 17:07 66
[   ]MontanaSL-7-200-full-x86_64.iso2018-01-06 17:55 1.2G
[TXT]MontanaSL-7-200-full-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-06 17:55 198
[   ]MontanaSL-7-200-full-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-06 17:55 66
[   ]MontanaSL-7-200-min-x86_64.iso2018-01-06 17:55 631M
[TXT]MontanaSL-7-200-min-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-06 17:55 198
[   ]MontanaSL-7-200-min-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-06 17:55 65
[   ]MontanaSL-7-200-virt-x86_64.iso2018-01-06 17:55 1.3G
[TXT]MontanaSL-7-200-virt-x86_64.iso.asc2018-01-06 17:55 198
[   ]MontanaSL-7-200-virt-x86_64.iso.md52018-01-06 17:55 66
[TXT]gpg-public-key-07E3860A.asc2017-12-09 08:25 1.7K